Do You Mean Divinely Chic is Now at Our Little Boutique?!?!

Opening night is when this partnership all started. When we hosted the grand opening of Bada Bling Boutique, we invited a large amount of people. Some were close family, long time friends, and overall enthusiastic supporters of our new business venture and others were people we met and knew of in the community. However, one person was to our surprise a future vendor and friend.

You see, in walked this divine woman who had a smile as big as her passion for life. Introduced to us by Ashley (BBB Babe), Cherie Moery-Metzka was not only gracious to be a part of our small celebration but supportive in our venture even though we had never met prior to that day.  She was dressed to the nines but what caught my eye as we were talking was her beautiful jewelry ensemble. Chunky pieces of coral draped around her neck and wrist, each one intricately set and balanced in just the right place. And although Cherie was humble not to mention that she was the designer of this gorgeous bling, her husband, Joe proudly boasted that she created this and much more for her company, Divinely Chic.

So after a few months, a couple of chats and a glass or two of wine, Ms. Cherie and Divinely Chic are now a part of Bada Bling Boutique. We are currently featuring  three different collections so please come in and see the breathtaking pieces that represent what is Divinely Chic!


Independent Artists…

At Bada Bling Boutique we feature a variety of fashion-forward clothing lines and trendy accessories however we wanted you to be aware of the very special vendors we feature that create unique and funky items for you, as well as everyone else in your life. Works from local artists, craftsmen, and authors are displayed throughout the boutique so that you may find eclectic gifts that is the perfect “something” for that special someone.

For instance, we have funky crocheted hats and scarves…


Cute embroidered hair clips and bows for your girlie-girl


Delicious soup and savory dip mixes, as well as fresh pressed  olive oil and infused balsamic vinegars…

Great gifts like ice cream-inspired baby onesies and hand-crafted one-of-a-kind dolls




Artistic jewelry for young ones and the young-at-heart

Beautiful bow wreaths made in a variety of fun themes


And hip buckles for him and her

As well as hilarious cards for all occasions and educational children’s books


So come on into Bada Bling Boutique to find that  perfect gift!


So I know I have been completely out of the loop. No blog posts, few tweets, and way too little posts on Facebook. I have in some ways been almost mute to the virtual world.

So your thinking… Whats your excuse???

Well it’s not some project that has kept me busy or obscenely long hours put in at the shop… Nope.

You see I honestly have been just blank. I sit down in front of the computer screen and I just end up with that… a blank screen. I mean I know I have never been a writer. My major was SPEECH communication for goodness sake. I talk, that’s what I do. But because I want to keep my Bada Bling followers abreast of what’s hot and new to the boutique I go to the uncomfortable zone of being a writer and hope that in the end I, at the very least, I do not embarrass Tammy and the other BB Babes.

So with that being said I hope to get out of this writers block by at least writing this…something!

Until next time chicas…
Bling It On!!!

Lemonade stand…

When you were a child you probably had the unique and sure to be profitable idea to start a lemonade stand. And like many other children, you went through the process like a young Mark Zukerberg, planning every detail to make it work.

Gathering your supplies for your new-found entrepreneurial project, your seven year-old self just knew you were going to make a killing off this venture. While you mixed your big pitcher of Country Time Lemonade you started to think of everyone that was going to mosey up to your kid-friendly bar and partake in a sweet and tangy cocktail. Making a mental checklist of all of your closest friends in the neighborhood that would support your new establishment, you hope that they pass along the news of the new watering hole on the block.  And then when you finally have your parent’s card table set up with your full pitcher and needed supplies, you start to tally up your future profits and more importantly how you were going to spend your earnings.  

Well what if that all happened but instead of taking your cash-stuffed Velcro wallet to the store to buy a new Strawberry Shortcake Doll or Star Wars Light Saber, you instead donated it to a worthy cause.

Really, a child would do that?!?!

Well that’s exactly what a little girl I know does every year for a very worthwhile foundation. Sweet little Jessica Kuca holds a lemonade stand at her home in O’Fallon, IL in hopes of raising money for Pediatric Cancer and Breast Cancer. Along with her lemonade stand, Jessica has a raffle so that even more money can be donated. And with the help of her mom, Mary Jo Guinn, Jessica has raised over $5,500 and counting.  

Can I just say…Wow!

So Bada Bling Boutique is asking if you too would please support this great little girl’s project in hope of getting just a little bit closer to that day that our world is cancer-free.


Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!



            Jessica                 2012 Honoree Elizabeth A.    Jessica and her Mom, Mary Jo

The Three F’s…

Many people ask Tammy and me how we met. Some people assume we have been friends for years; plotting and planning this idea to open a boutique since we were young. And I would understand that notion since we do almost everything together. Work, play, drink, dance; you name the activity and if Tammy is doing it, I’m there right by her side or not far behind. We laugh like old friends and have enough memories already to fill up a lifetime. But with that being said, we have only known each other for about two years. Two very fun and adventurous years!

So you’re probably thinking …

“What was the thing that brought you two chicas so close, in such a short period of time?”

Well the answer is football. Yep that’s right, Blue and Gold Panther Pride is the whole reason our friendship and eventually Bada Bling came about. You see, when a child becomes a football player it not only is the focus of their life but it succumbs the life of their family as well! Daily practices, college camps, out-of-state tournaments and I haven’t even mentioned the two-hour games! Football is not only a sport but a way of life.

Unfortunately, I knew nothing about all of this madness because unlike most children Jordan only decided to get into football his 8th grade year.

Wow, was I in for a shocker!

Luckily, two kind souls took me under their football mom wings and taught me the ways of this sport’s insanity like Yoda teaching the Jedi secrets to a young Padawan. Game rules, practice etiquette, and sports injuries were all covered in my daily sessions of Football 101 by Professor Melissa and Professor Tammy. And as reassuring as they both were, I walked out of every practice with more questions than my own son had for his coach. However, eventually I become more comfortable with the game, as well as the risk of injury to my boy. Both Melissa and Tammy held my hand and after the end of the first league I embraced my new title as Football Mom!

Ultimately, Saturday mornings lead into after-game-meals, Sunday screenings of the game highlights at Melissa’s house, and eventually true friendships. I was blessed with a genuine extended family- my football family! Along the way, I also met another football mom, Jessica. She was always smiling and when she had a beer in her hand her smile turned into a giggle! Together we had so much fun in the bleachers and off!

Over time, Tammy and I became even closer and eventually she asked me if I wanted to become partners with her in her jewelry business.  It was great but when I got laid off from my full-time job we started to discuss opening up a store-front business. Knowing that we needed help we asked our fellow football moms if they would like to assist us in our venture. Melissa would be a great “elf”, making projects to sell in the boutique and Jess would be an amazing sales associate! All was in the works until Melissa and the Capp Family got orders to D.C. –sad face- Unfortunately our elf was not going to be our workshop. However after a couple of short months, Tammy and I opened Bada Bling with Jess at our side, as well as a cute young thing named Ashley.

Therefore Bada Bling would like to pay homage to the great sports program that brought us together by starting Winning Wednesdays. Through the OTHS Football Season, BBB will donate 10% of all sales each Wednesday. It’s just our way of saying thank you to the great sport’s program that in essence made Bada Bling Boutique!

So here’s to Football, Friends, and Fun…

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!


Red with joy…

Colors can have a different effect on you based on your current mood. Green with envy, feeling blue; many emotions can be described with a specific shade but there is one color in particular that moves me differently….Red. Now some people think of angry rages when the crimson color is described. Fury, irritation, frustration; all of these feelings tend to be associated with red, but why?

You see when I think of red I think of the glorious signs that put a joy in my heart, a pep in my step, and a smile on my face! That’s right chicas, clearance signs!!! I mean there is nothing better than to go into a store and see a big, glossy, red sale sign shining down on you like the sun on a hot summer’s day. Your eyes widen, you take in a deep breath, and for a quick second you look around to see if maybe you’re the only one that sees it. Then slowly you saunter on to the back of the store, like a lioness, planning your attack.

Should you start from the front of the rack…No it’s probably picked over. Maybe the middle of the rack…Possibly?  Or you could just take a risk and start from the back. Decisions, decisions! Then when you actually start to pick out your goodies you are loading up your arms like a weightlifter in training. And you then bring you treasures to the front to hear the ping ping of the register, feeling just a little sorry for the store, as if you robbed them clean.  Finally you leave out the door with a smile on your face, knowing that you shopped so wisely you want to pat yourself on the back! Oh the joy of shopping!!!

So chicas to bring back this blissful feeling once again, Bada Bling is holding its first annual Hot Summer Sale Event. That’s right; we are taking 30% off select summer dresses just for you! So put on your comfy shoes, unload your car trunk and head on down to BBB. We will even have fresh lemonade to quench your thirst during the hunt!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!



Swag On…

Did you ever have an idea so farfetched that when it came to fruition it was almost surreal? Well as you assume, opening up Bada Bling Boutique was a very similar feeling. And if you read some of my previous blogs you would know how in shock I still am at the whole thing. But even with that being said, seeing someone in a shirt that you created is pretty much on the top of the awesome scale!

It happened just the other day. Jordan and I had to go to get his physical done and when we went into the waiting room J smacked me on the shoulder and said…

“Mom, Mom, look! That guy has our shirt on!!!!”

And what do you know…There it was… In all its glory…. Ohh Town Swag!

You see it all started when we were in the process of choosing the lines of clothing and accessories we were going to carry in the shop. I mean I knew I wanted something that only BBB would carry and although we were going to have a lot of merchandise that was not sold in any major store in the St. Louis Area, I wanted something more. So instead of trying to search for that special “something” I decided to just take on the challenge myself.

I knew I wanted to create a product that had a few different components.

  1. Something that had a local basis
  2. Something most people would use
  3. Appealed to both guys and girls
  4. Could be used at all age levels
  5. Could be developed into other products
  6. And most importantly…COOL! (LOL)

Therefore I went to the coolest guy I knew (my son Jordan -Yes I know I’m a little bias) and after a few different ideas we came up with Ohh Town Swag.

I mean it just made sense…

  1. It was about O’Fallon
  2. Everyone could use a t-shirt…Right?!?!?
  3. We have a line for dudes and dudettes
  4. Everyone could wear something from the line
  5. We could have different items such as silicon wristbands, vinyl decals, etc.
  6. And …well …I think it’s pretty nifty!

So to pay homage to this new line and to make it right in time for the new school year, this Friday Bada Bling Boutique is taking 25% off all Ohh Town Swag merchandise! So come on in and be the first to wear O’Fallon’s exclusive apparel line!

Swag On Player, Swag On!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!


Tag Me!!

We all have done it. You’re out with your friends, usually over drinks, and someone says…

“Ok! Let’s take a pic!!”

And because you know you’re lookin’ good, you instantly pull out your phone or camera so you can have a memento of this fun-filled night.


Yeah… Me too!

So why not make use of that pic that you’re lookin’ so fabulous in and enter it in our new contest! All’s you have to do is email us a pic of you out on the town wearing your cute Bada Bling jewelry, purse, and/or outfit and we will post it on our Facebook page. Then on Sunday, Aug 26th we will tally whose picture received the most “Likes” and they will win a $25 gift certificate to BBB!!! Tell your friends to “Like” Bada Bling Boutique’s Facebook page then “Like” your pic so you can win!!

Send all pics to to register!! Make sure to include your name and what BBB item you’re wearing. By the way… guys you can enter too!!! Bust out that sweet John Lennon T-shirt or your Ohh Town Swag and take a pic!

Good luck!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!



All Things Country

So my son Jordan is truly an old soul and free spirit. He tends to go through phases in his life; phases that directly impact his likes and interests. Skater, Hip Hop guru, foreign film critic; he takes on all with extreme intensity and curiosity and then brings me along for the ride. After reading, watching, and experiencing everything he can absorb about that current pursuit, he insists I too take on that new “love” of his life.

So his new fascination is all things country. Johnny Cash, cowboy boots, and Carhartt.. Jordan oozes that small town boy feel. Well much to his surprise he recently discovered that his mom sells belt buckles in her boutique. Not just any type of belt buckle but ones that are made from vintage license plates and vinyl records, as well as silver blinged-out ones for that cowgirl at heart. He even came up to me and said “Mom, did you know you had these?”, holding a buckle made from an old Elvis LP. Now remember to him I know nothing about fashion or anything remotely “beast”(aka- cool).

You mean I actually get props from my son?!? Wow!

So in honor of Jordan and all my cowgirl friends, we are featuring all belt buckles this Thursday as the Item of the Day. All day tomorrow you will receive an additional 15% off both men’s and women’s buckles. Maybe you could even pair it with some cute silver and turquoise jewelry.

Well I hope to see ya tomorrow. I’ll have “Chicken Fried” and “Sweet Home Alabama”playing in the background.

Until next time chicas …

Bling It On!!!!


Just a Little Bonus…

Isn’t it great to get a little something extra every once in awhile? I mean it doesn’t even have to be a lot because just the surprise of not knowing it was coming is joy enough. Finding a front parking spot at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon, discovering a $5 dollar bill in the washing machine; it’s the little things that sometimes brings the biggest smile.

Well Bada Bling would like to give you that extra bonus this weekend. From Friday, August 10th through Sunday, August 12th we are holding “Tax Tab Weekend.” BBB will pay for the tax on all purchases made these three days so you can be just a little relieved from those back-to-school expenses.

See, made ya smile!

Well until next time chicas…
Bling It On!!