Change Already?!?!

Ok so we already decided to change the name of our boutique and we don’t even have the location yet! I know… sad but true. However, we just wanted to make sure everyone could understand and say our store name before the sign was made. Sooooo … we are no longer Boutique Vingt-Trois; we are now Bada Bling Boutique.

Funny how we made a full circle back to where we came from originally. We started as Bada Bling, a jewelry business that was run as a monthly trunk show. Actually, Tammy and our friend Marill had a great time of starting up this fun and exciting business. They came up with the concept and put it into action. I love girl power!!! Unfortunately, Marill had to part ways and so here is where I came into play. I assisted in the shows, eventually took over the second half of the business, and Tammy and I hit the ground running and never looked back.

So after a few months we decided to expand to a storefront and incorporate apparel and home decor. In the midst of all of this we discovered that both of us shared the same lucky number, 23. We knew then we wanted to incorporate that into our business name but put a funky twist to it; hence Boutique Vingt-Trois (Shop 23). Perfect right?!? Well not so much. You see, as my son so graciously pointed out, our customers have to actually be able to PRONOUNCE the name of the store or at least be able to translate it. 😉 (Thank you Jordan!) So after some deliberation we decided to go back to our roots and become Bada Bling once again.

Therefore, please visit us here at to follow our journey and hopefully we won’t make any more major changes in the near future. No promises though! Now onto actually finding that storefront!

Bling It On!!