Item of the Day!!!

Hello all!

Well we said we would entice you to keep reading our blog by featuring specials, VIP events, and discounts; so here it is! The first “Item of the Day” special is a t-shirt from one of our men’s lines.

But you’re saying “What??!?! You guys have a men’s line of clothing?!?” [Add in feelings of shock and ahh :-)] Well yes we do! We have a variety of gifts, jewelry and clothing for the men in your life or you, if you’re a man. Therefore, we are going to feature a really cool shirt that is for the guy who likes bikes, who likes to drink, and is the shiznit! Attached is a pic of this really funky shirt so you can have a sneak preview of how awesome it looks!

So this is how the feature works. You come in any time during store hours on this Friday (July 20) and if you buy the shirt, one of our BBB beauties will secretly take 15% off the original price. And that’s it; no special dance or secret code is expected from you. But remember, don’t tell anyone because you’re the one that logs into this “thing” called a blog and puts up with reading my silliness. I mean if you have to suffer through this why make it easy for others…. Right?!?! :-}

Well I hope to see you this Friday! (or sooner) Until next time…

Bling It On!!



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