Can anyone have too many dresses???

Recently I cleaned out my closet and I started to count the number of dresses I have…. let’s just say I have a lot! So I started to reflect… ” Can anyone have too many dresses???” I mean I’m not talking about the “I’ll lose some weight next year” dresses mixed with the “I’m sure I can make this bridesmaid dress into a cocktail dress” dresses; I’m talking just everyday dresses! Solids, prints, blinged out; you name it, I have it.

But at what point do you say… “No more.” And if you do, then is that it??? No more hunt for the perfect date dress. Not another outing to find a great little black dress? No, that can’t be right?!?!

Therefore it’s official.. I”m making a rule and a pledge to myself and all of the other fashion lovers out there…

You CAN’T have too many dresses!

So now that we have that question answered, come on down and visit us at Bada Bling Boutique because we are getting in three new styles of dresses this week!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!



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