New Item of the Day!!!

The next best thing to the drink…. Margarita Bloom!

Have you craved a new skincare beauty line that is luxurious, handmade and with amazingly yummy scents?!? Well look no more because BBB features the one and only Margarita Bloom Skincare Bath and Beauty line! We love this product because it not only specializes in lovely scents like mango, coconut, lavender, and vanilla but it has a retro, Parisian, pin-up theme that is great for a unique gift idea. The packaging, with its old school feel, is so 50’s-Hollywood and the product names, like “Big Kahuna” and “Mango Lassie”, put a smile on your face before you even take in your first whiff.

So to kick off your first try of the lovely Margarita Bloom, Bada Bling Boutique is featuring it as it’s item of the day. This Sunday, we are taking 40% off (That’s right…40%…you read that correctly) the entire product line!!!! So come in and make your first, of many purchases, of Margarita Bloom so you too can smell as fabulous as Audrey Hepburn sipping a cocktail on the sandy beaches of Paris!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!



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