Having a job doesn’t always mean you work for a living…

Part of the absolute perk of having your own boutique is the joy you get from the hunting and gathering of your shop’s inventory. I mean Tammy and I get to spend hours searching on fashion websites , choosing the clothing, jewelry and accessories that we love and then, just like a child on Christmas morning,  we get to unwrap our goodies and blingy baubles and play dress-up! And with that not being enough, we also get to shop for the cutie-patutie girl we never had, the sweet little boy who is now all grown up(both of our boys are as big as men) and for the man who will wear whatever we want, without any fight about what he thinks fashion sense is.  I mean, how fun is that…right?!?!  

This type of joy was demonstrated once again when we received the newest shipment of dresses. Jessica, one of our BBB Beauties, excitedly texted us yesterday morning stating “The dresses are in! The dresses are in!!!” So I rushed over to do a quick quality control check …a.k.a. – the first one to get to open the box 😉 … and much to my delight the dresses were even better than what we saw online. Squealing, I called Tammy to rush over so we could have a runway show… a.k.a. – she gets to play “America’s Next Top Model”.  We both couldn’t contain ourselves from shrieking in delight as she sashayed around our store, with both of us admiring how amazing the dresses look! And to top it off, we got to style our baby doll… a.k.a. – mannequin… picking out just the right jewelry and cute little clutch to display in front of our window for all the world to see!!!

So with that being said… we want to thank you, from the bottom of your hearts, for allowing us to have one of the best jobs in the world…a job that never feels like work!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!



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