Figure it out yet???

No, it’s not the number of shoes that are in the bottom of my closet … And no, it’s not the amount of multi-colored necklaces I own. … It’s simply the magical amount of crayons my mommy might have let me buy for my upcoming school year…. when I was six-years old.

But really… remember the joy you felt when you and your mom hopped in the car to purchase your endless list of class goodies. Funny how it was always so exciting to get those Pepto-Bismol pink erasers, the boldly lined pads of paper, the small rounded-tip scissors, and of course the good ole’ #2’s and then pack them up in your new Holly Hobbie book bag for the first day of school! And how, for just those few short weeks, you would look at your shiny new box of unopened crayons, gazing over the vast rainbow of politically correct colors, excitedly daydreaming of all of the vibrant works of art that were yet to come!

Well why not reenact that feeling by letting your kids color this page for Bada Bling Boutique’s children’s book signing this weekend. BBB will have a contest for the best Pickle Juice page (And what I mean by best is that we will randomly pick one out of a stack) and there will be a prize for the winner!

So break open that crayon box early and hopefully your little one will at least let you color the edges!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!



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