All Things Country

So my son Jordan is truly an old soul and free spirit. He tends to go through phases in his life; phases that directly impact his likes and interests. Skater, Hip Hop guru, foreign film critic; he takes on all with extreme intensity and curiosity and then brings me along for the ride. After reading, watching, and experiencing everything he can absorb about that current pursuit, he insists I too take on that new “love” of his life.

So his new fascination is all things country. Johnny Cash, cowboy boots, and Carhartt.. Jordan oozes that small town boy feel. Well much to his surprise he recently discovered that his mom sells belt buckles in her boutique. Not just any type of belt buckle but ones that are made from vintage license plates and vinyl records, as well as silver blinged-out ones for that cowgirl at heart. He even came up to me and said “Mom, did you know you had these?”, holding a buckle made from an old Elvis LP. Now remember to him I know nothing about fashion or anything remotely “beast”(aka- cool).

You mean I actually get props from my son?!? Wow!

So in honor of Jordan and all my cowgirl friends, we are featuring all belt buckles this Thursday as the Item of the Day. All day tomorrow you will receive an additional 15% off both men’s and women’s buckles. Maybe you could even pair it with some cute silver and turquoise jewelry.

Well I hope to see ya tomorrow. I’ll have “Chicken Fried” and “Sweet Home Alabama”playing in the background.

Until next time chicas …

Bling It On!!!!



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