Tag Me!!

We all have done it. You’re out with your friends, usually over drinks, and someone says…

“Ok! Let’s take a pic!!”

And because you know you’re lookin’ good, you instantly pull out your phone or camera so you can have a memento of this fun-filled night.


Yeah… Me too!

So why not make use of that pic that you’re lookin’ so fabulous in and enter it in our new contest! All’s you have to do is email us a pic of you out on the town wearing your cute Bada Bling jewelry, purse, and/or outfit and we will post it on our Facebook page. Then on Sunday, Aug 26th we will tally whose picture received the most “Likes” and they will win a $25 gift certificate to BBB!!! Tell your friends to “Like” Bada Bling Boutique’s Facebook page then “Like” your pic so you can win!!

Send all pics to bada-bling-boutique@hotmail.com to register!! Make sure to include your name and what BBB item you’re wearing. By the way… guys you can enter too!!! Bust out that sweet John Lennon T-shirt or your Ohh Town Swag and take a pic!

Good luck!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!




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