So I know I have been completely out of the loop. No blog posts, few tweets, and way too little posts on Facebook. I have in some ways been almost mute to the virtual world.

So your thinking… Whats your excuse???

Well it’s not some project that has kept me busy or obscenely long hours put in at the shop… Nope.

You see I honestly have been just blank. I sit down in front of the computer screen and I just end up with that… a blank screen. I mean I know I have never been a writer. My major was SPEECH communication for goodness sake. I talk, that’s what I do. But because I want to keep my Bada Bling followers abreast of what’s hot and new to the boutique I go to the uncomfortable zone of being a writer and hope that in the end I, at the very least, I do not embarrass Tammy and the other BB Babes.

So with that being said I hope to get out of this writers block by at least writing this…something!

Until next time chicas…
Bling It On!!!


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