Do You Mean Divinely Chic is Now at Our Little Boutique?!?!

Opening night is when this partnership all started. When we hosted the grand opening of Bada Bling Boutique, we invited a large amount of people. Some were close family, long time friends, and overall enthusiastic supporters of our new business venture and others were people we met and knew of in the community. However, one person was to our surprise a future vendor and friend.

You see, in walked this divine woman who had a smile as big as her passion for life. Introduced to us by Ashley (BBB Babe), Cherie Moery-Metzka was not only gracious to be a part of our small celebration but supportive in our venture even though we had never met prior to that day.  She was dressed to the nines but what caught my eye as we were talking was her beautiful jewelry ensemble. Chunky pieces of coral draped around her neck and wrist, each one intricately set and balanced in just the right place. And although Cherie was humble not to mention that she was the designer of this gorgeous bling, her husband, Joe proudly boasted that she created this and much more for her company, Divinely Chic.

So after a few months, a couple of chats and a glass or two of wine, Ms. Cherie and Divinely Chic are now a part of Bada Bling Boutique. We are currently featuring  three different collections so please come in and see the breathtaking pieces that represent what is Divinely Chic!