Swag On…

Did you ever have an idea so farfetched that when it came to fruition it was almost surreal? Well as you assume, opening up Bada Bling Boutique was a very similar feeling. And if you read some of my previous blogs you would know how in shock I still am at the whole thing. But even with that being said, seeing someone in a shirt that you created is pretty much on the top of the awesome scale!

It happened just the other day. Jordan and I had to go to get his physical done and when we went into the waiting room J smacked me on the shoulder and said…

“Mom, Mom, look! That guy has our shirt on!!!!”

And what do you know…There it was… In all its glory…. Ohh Town Swag!

You see it all started when we were in the process of choosing the lines of clothing and accessories we were going to carry in the shop. I mean I knew I wanted something that only BBB would carry and although we were going to have a lot of merchandise that was not sold in any major store in the St. Louis Area, I wanted something more. So instead of trying to search for that special “something” I decided to just take on the challenge myself.

I knew I wanted to create a product that had a few different components.

  1. Something that had a local basis
  2. Something most people would use
  3. Appealed to both guys and girls
  4. Could be used at all age levels
  5. Could be developed into other products
  6. And most importantly…COOL! (LOL)

Therefore I went to the coolest guy I knew (my son Jordan -Yes I know I’m a little bias) and after a few different ideas we came up with Ohh Town Swag.

I mean it just made sense…

  1. It was about O’Fallon
  2. Everyone could use a t-shirt…Right?!?!?
  3. We have a line for dudes and dudettes
  4. Everyone could wear something from the line
  5. We could have different items such as silicon wristbands, vinyl decals, etc.
  6. And …well …I think it’s pretty nifty!

So to pay homage to this new line and to make it right in time for the new school year, this Friday Bada Bling Boutique is taking 25% off all Ohh Town Swag merchandise! So come on in and be the first to wear O’Fallon’s exclusive apparel line!

Swag On Player, Swag On!

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!!



Your Shirt Is Music To My Eyes…

Do you enjoy the classics like The Doors or The Rolling Stones? No matter what age you are I’m sure you know one, if not 10 of the rock and roll hits of the 60’s and 70’s. Well then I’m sure you are probably a fan of The Beatles..right?!?! This group is not only one of the most influential bands of the century but they inspired a generation to change their way of thinking and caused a revolutionary movement that is still talked about today. I mean how many people, more or less, musicians can say that? They were true legends!

Well in that spirit, one of the lines of men’s clothing that Bada Bling Boutique carries is inspired by the art and lyrics of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. This set of wovens and t-shirts incorporates the words and paintings that these artists are so known for and transforms them into a unique collection that any man, at any age would love! Come in to BBB today and get a great new piece to add to your… or the man in your life’s wardrobe.

Until next time chicas…

Bling It On!!